This week was Exercise and Fitness week. Monday we talked about food groups and different foods you can find in each group. Tuesday we started the day with a "Kids Fitness" video. We also talked about nutrition labels. We played a game to help us with reading nutrition facts. Wednesday we did step aerobics and talked about our favorite foods. We made plates with our favorite meals. We decided if it was healthy or not. Thursday we played a big game of baseball. We also sang a song called "The 12 Days of Fitness". We were really tired after doing that song, but it was really fun! Thursday afternoon we had a fun water day! It was great to cool down after so much exercise. Friday we did a yoga video. We also played a game where we pretended to go grocery shopping to make healthy meals. We had been doing stopwatch races all week and we did our final times Friday. This week made us very tired, but we are excited for "Kid's in the Kitchen" week!